Putting Down Roots

In case you’re wondering if I’m going to be full of non-stop gardening puns for the rest of this blog, the answer is unequivocally… yes.

All puns aside, somewhere between wrist braces, bags and boxes I managed to take a moment several days ago to get a few seeds started… only to have them push the lid off the Jiffy starter while I was knee-deep in moving. Apparently squash and green beans are quick to deem that little plastic greenhouse unsuitable (and I know they’re “sow in ground” crops, but the ground isn’t ready and the season isn’t waiting!) So two days ago the first rotation of Jiffys got temporary homes in a few pots I had lying around.

Green Beans

Cucumbers and Squash

I also started some new herb and flower seedlings in Jiffys, cause I figured what the heck, might as well right?

Flower Seedlings

(Um yeah… and the herbs haven’t decided to come out of hibernation yet so I’m not posting a picture of the dirt. Womp.)

My goal this week is to get as much junk unpacked and in its place as possible, not so much for the zen (though there is that too!) as for the fact that I need the cardboard so I can start my garden. That’s right- it’s an experiment in no-dig gardening this season, cause in sunny SoCal water is at a premium and I want the most bang for my buck (as does my plant-eating partner in crime…)

Foxy Roxy


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