The Short List

Looking around as I was watering the seedlings yesterday afternoon, my mind started spinning with everything I wanted/needed to get done ASAP (well, relatively ASAP), so much so that I couldn’t sleep! Sometimes I find that it helps to make a list so I can clock some zzzs. So here is my short list:

1. There is this AMAZING wrought iron gate on one of the front terraces at my new place leaning against the wall where the grapevine grows. At first I thought about moving it… and that may still be an option… if I’m not crushed under its weight. (Yes. It’s huge. And when I DIY, I really DIY. Without help. Actually, might need to change that.) Well wherever it ends up, it’s definitely becoming a trellis for peas/green beans, and the front isn’t a bad idea since that area doesn’t get baked by the sun in the late afternoon.

2. There is a ton of random lumber scattered around various parts of the house. In fact, all of the planter boxes out back were built using only found lumber by my roommate that is leaving at the end of the month. I want to build more boxes along the back wall for berries or vines or something!!! But in the meantime, I have potatoes that are trying to escape their dry container I bought them in and need to get a potato box built very soon (before those wily spuds put down roots through the living room floor.)

3. In order to experiment with the no-dig method of gardening, I need to find and transport dirt, but more importantly, alfalfa and hay. I also do not own a truck and can only fit maybe one 50lb bale in my little car. (Looks like another UHaul rental may be in my future…)

Of course, there are plenty of other things on the longer list, like where I’m going to source organic vegetable plants from this late in the season that I don’t have time to grow from seed, or when I’m going to find time to finish my outdoor furniture, and of course there’s my ongoing quest for a slightly used and mostly less than half price Weber grill… all on an insanely tight budget. (It’s the little things, right?)


I’m super stoked to hit this up this weekend:

I’ve never had a real reason to go to this expo until now, and can’t wait to check it out and see what’s new in design and sustainability and steal lots of fun gardening ideas! I mean…

(But don’t worry if you can’t make it- I’ll be reporting back on Sunday night!)

Okay… off to the day job now…


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One Response to The Short List

  1. Vyonne Flores says:

    Today Dad has gone back to Ace to retrieve the last of the 75 cent plants they have on sale. He has decided that our side yard needs to be a fruit garden ( lime, lemon, orange trees, blueberry bushes and such). You are a “chip” (no pun intended) off the old block and I will make sure that he reads up on ‘how does your garden grow’ when he has a moment free from the dirt that surrounds him. 🙂

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