Still In Awe…

I came home after work today and almost immediately put on shorts and rain boots and got to work weeding the two raised beds out back. I can’t say I’ve ever been excited about weeding, but nothing incentivizes you quite like tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds just begging to be planted! (along with the squash, cucumber, green bean, snap pea, and herb seedlings, as well as potato, strawberry, onion, and asparagus roots that are outgrowing their cardboard box. Eeeep.)

I basically pulled weeds until dark for about three hours; I wasn’t sure I would get both beds completed, but as dusk set in and I had maybe 15 square feet to go, I rallied and hustled my way through the ants and spiders, the whole time thinking, “holy carp I actually have a real garden!” Even though I’m doing no-dig gardening, the crab grass runners we have out back can be pretty nasty once they take hold, and I figured better safe than sorry right?

Will try to post pictures in the morning… it got too dark before I realized I should document it. (Hopefully it doesn’t grow back overnight!)


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