Round 1: Hay

“You know V, normally when people ask if they can take off early, it’s to meet the cable guy or the plumber… not the delivery guy from the hay store. You always keep me on my toes…” -My Boss

Yesterday during my lunch break I stopped by the feed store to see what the likelihood was of ordering alfalfa and hay and having it delivered to my doorstep (or relatively close) so that I could get to work on my “no dig garden” this weekend. The woman at the counter said that each hay bale would be 60 lbs, and each alfalfa 110 lbs, bringing my grand total of ten mixed bales to a little over 1,000 lbs of dried grassy goodness. Little did I know that not only would these bales weigh in at at least what she said (if not more!) but they would also be an awkward rectangular shape and I would need hooks and gloves.

After the delivery man dropped these ten bales of hay in front of my garage and drove off this afternoon, I assessed the smaller of the two types and went for it from every angle to no avail. Seriously guys- these things were really heavy and completely ungrabbable. Luckily my neighbor across the street noticed this hard-headed damsel in distress trying to drag literal truckloads up the double flight of stairs and offered to help. He grabbed his nephew and the three of us quickly got all the hay up to the top of the hill; I hoisted and flipped each bale up the stairs to the landing, then the two of them grabbed and carried from there to the garden. In between loads I told my neighbor about the project, and asked him if he thought I was crazy, to which he replied, “No way! I think you’re creative.”

Once we were finished lugging and stacking, I offered the guys a beer and showed them what I am currently growing. My neighbor was shocked to learn that there is more than one type of tomato you can grow, and is definitely excited to see what I end up producing. I love the fact that I am going to be able to share organic gardening knowledge with a real neighborhood, and love even more that I have great neighbors and friends all around me who want to help me with my hair-brained schemes (like my friend Gary, who’s been collecting newspaper at work for over two weeks… my trunk is completely full!!!) But darlings?


Looks like it’s time for this little trooper to hit the er… hay, as well (and rest up for Round 2 tomorrow!)


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