Dwell Expo 2010

The Outdoor Part of Dwell

I meant to get to this post yesterday, but hadn’t uploaded the pictures yet… and that’s what you guys really care about anyway, right?

dwell panel

So the panel I attended at the Dwell Expo on sustainable gardening for the schools and community was pretty great. Though I had read about quite a few of the local organizations that the speakers touched on, this half hour session made me realize that a lot of people don’t know about the local growing and harvesting resources that are available to them in their areas, especially in Los Angeles. From the Hillside Produce Cooperative in North East LA to Urban Harvest‘s page on Facebook, if you want information on growing produce in your area it’s probably somewhere online, and potentially right up the street in a local community garden plot. (The ACGA is also a great place to start if you’re looking for a local plot or want to start your own.)

Meeting Gardenerd.com

I also got a chance to meet Christy Wilhelmi, a local Angelino who specializes in small space heirloom organic vegetable gardening (and is also the founder of the extremely informative website, Gardenerd.com.) Hopefully once my garden is up and running I’ll get a chance to pop on over to hers and see what she’s growing too! (Don’t worry… I’ll report back.)

After the panel I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering about the convention center floor. It was cool to see how many designers were incorporating sustainable and reclaimed materials into their furniture, and nice to have a personal photographer to document every moment so that I could just bounce around and play. (My friend Judd from over at Hustle Bear just picked up a new miniature SLR to play with and has not set it down in over a week- check out his blog if you get the chance! It is often very thought-provoking.)

And now… on with the (slide) show!


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