Planting Time

I read somewhere the other day that if you plant certain crops on the full moon (while doing a hand stand parallel to the equator with a quarter in your mouth) they will grow bigger and produce a better harvest. I have no idea whether or not this is actually true, but looking up at the sky Sunday night as a grasshopper sized mosquito descended on my arm, I turned to our orbital brother, thought of this particular nibble of knowledge, and decided it was close enough.

Over the last two afternoons I have transplanted just about every seedling I had in pots (save the cucumbers and green beans, as I have not figured out how I’d like to trellis them yet.) Since I was doing a modified take on square foot gardening, measuring and roping off 2-3 foot sections of the raised beds took more time than expected (as did stabbing tomato cages through mounds of tangled hay.)

Garden 7: Topsoil and a little more compost

The final layer that I put down in the two beds from the last few posts was an inch or two of a topsoil blend, made with peat, ash, and other organic compounds. It’s nice and light, and I’m hoping it will help neutralize the pH and acidity of the manure layer over time since it seemed a little, ahem, fresher than expected.

Planting Holes

I then hollowed out holes for each plant in their alloted areas (yes, even the marigolds had assigned seating- I’m OCD like that) and lined the holes with an extreme composted gardening mix that included kelp, worm castings, and bat guano among other very fertile and stinky ingredients.

Garden 8: Measured off and halfway planted

This was the last shot I took before the sun went down Monday afternoon. I didn’t get a chance to grab one tonight because it got too dark before I could get all of the squash plants in. (Tomorrow though? Oh- my camera is on like Donkey Kong…)


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One Response to Planting Time

  1. V-mom says:

    Oh you make me so proud! The OCD and all take me back to the gardens in Whitney with the little first graders. Wish I had known about all the recycling stuff and now I do so I will be scoping out a place at school. Mr. Steve said just tell him where and I will have to find the time in our day to take it on. Keeping education real…mom.

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