Good Morning Sunbeams

Last night I ended up weeding and mulching the pathway between the two raised beds after I built trellises, planted more vines, and installed the soaker hoses… and I never shot any photos as promised. Ooops.


For I got up bright and early to snap a few quick pictures before I had to run off to work.

A Planted Garden!

You can see the trellises I fashioned out of some rebar that was sitting around the yard in the back of each bed. On the left I made a tipi for the cucumbers and covered it with garden netting. On the right is a bent piece I found that will hopefully trellis some green beans before it gets too hot…

Mulched Pathway

This is the first bit of mulch I put in. (Hoping a super thick layer of newspaper beneath it all will buy me a few more months without weeds!)

Early Morning Squash Blossoms

And one of the first courgette blossoms on the zucchini plant soaking up some morning rays. (I think that particular word for squash is one of the funniest things, especially since every time I see it I read it as cougarette, which makes me think of miniature OC housewives in training… snarf.)

They told us we might get out of work early tomorrow… crossing fingers over here; I have a compost bin to build!


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