Bedknobs and Bathtubs

So… I think it’s time that I address the elephant in the room (er, yard.) Yes, that 300lb cast iron (but not pretty claw foot) bathtub that’s been sitting in the middle of it all for who knows how long.

Well Monday? I put that thing to work. It now doubles as a shade provider for lettuce, as well as a grow container for two kinds of potatoes. (And after moving it, I kind of wish it was a hot tub instead. I need a massage…)

Lettuce Bed (and Potato Tub!)


About Veronica Flores

Going big or going home.
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2 Responses to Bedknobs and Bathtubs

  1. V-mom says:

    Decided to give out front bed a trim after cutting the grass. Dad didn’t stop me as I trimmed the “Horse Tails” and raked the long tail grasses. It was looking a bit over-grown. Thanks for keeping us inspired:)

  2. Brian Gerald says:

    I think the bathtub just might be my favorite part!

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