Catching Up With Last Weekend

So I went a lot a little overboard this past weekend with the whole plant buying thing. If you live in LA, never go to Sunset Nursery. No, that’s a lie- it’s quite possibly one of the best mostly organic plant nurseries in the city limits. Let me rephrase that. If you live in LA, never go to Sunset Nursery without a shopping list (or a limited amount of cash in hand.) Their plants are beautiful! I’ve been shopping there for at least 5 years now; they rarely disappoint, and often carry specimens you can’t find anywhere else. I stopped by Saturday… and this is what happened:

Saturday's Trip for Herbs... (I think I went a little overboard!)

The rest of Saturday ended up being pretty shot for pre-4th pool parties, but that was okay… except then Sunday turned into nap time, and by the time I got up to do anything, it was almost 4. (I still managed to pull weeds on the fence end of the garden and finally lay some mulch down over there as well.)

Monday brought another trip out to a few other places. I wanted to build a compost bin but was feeling uninspired, and wanted to plant lettuce in the remaining (fairly shaded) bed, but just didn’t have the patience to only water seeds several times a week. My solution? A trip to the big orange box for flowers and lumber prices, followed by a trip to Armstrong’s for whatever lettuce I could find. (On a side note, I worked there a summer ago in between jobs and always marveled at the produce rotation well into August; I knew if anyone would have a supposedly springtime crop, it would be this garden center.) So this was Monday’s bounty:

Monday's Trip for Flowers... (and then some...)

In the end, I decided against buying lumber, figuring I could find something that would work just as well around the house (and maybe clean-up some of the random construction garbage that seems to be everywhere in the process.) Saving money and upcycling? I’m for it!


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