Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit discouraged and frustrated in the garden lately. I come home from work to water hot droopy plants like mad for an hour or more until they all perk back up, pulling weeds and brushing away ants and grasshoppers as I go. (And man oh man do we have a serious ant problem.) I feel like progress is so slow though! For whatever reason, I expected my plants to explode into a jungle for awesomeness in a week or two, and I also expected this layered compost mix to keep them nice and evenly wet for at least a week at a time. Neither thing has happened yet, and the watering and waiting isn’t a whole lot of fun.

But today I saw this:


And noticed these:

First Cherry Tomatoes

And these:

First Few Tiny Strawberries

Okay, so I noticed those two earlier in the week, but still! Maybe I was blinded by my allergies the last few days, or just had too much to do, but stopping to smell the roses (erm… see the baby vegetables?) really lifted my spirits like no other.

Even more pictures can be found HERE! (And don’t worry about bookmarking the album- I’ll permalink it on the home page very very soon.)


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