Compostest With the Mostest

Fence Posts Begging for a DIY
A couple of weeks ago I really wanted a compost bin, but after pricing both pre-made bins and the materials to make a bin? I realized my budget was a little short for such a project. Luckily the house I live in has a lot of scrap junk in and around the yard, and after poking around the pile along the back fence I realized that there were more than enough random fence boards of various length to build… well, something. So out came my trusty jigsaw and power drill, and after measuring the space I had (a 3×3 plot along a back wall) and the height of the shortest boards, I got to work. The end result before sunset was something like this:
Compost Corner, Front View

I know I know… it doesn’t look like much, but it keeps all of the organic garden waste neatly contained without having to stare at a giant decomposing pile every second of the day. And of course, the side view:
Compost Corner, Side View

I’m still trying to figure out some sort of gate for this side (instead of the makeshift plywood piece, not shown, that I’m currently using) but I think it’s not so bad for a simple afternoon recycling project. And hey, it gets the job done! And I think it looks alright doing it too.


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