Peppers, squash, corn, beans, and potatoes (all in 3×20!)

Between a half day off last Friday and the better part of Saturday, I finally got to dig in and finish the second long raised bed last weekend. I noticed that a family up the street is doing “three sisters” planting too, where you plant corn, pole beans, and squash all in the same area. I’m fudging this a little, because I decided not to let my squash ramble this year (trellis pictures to come!) but I plan on mulching the whole lot down with some straw soon anyway, so it’ not a huge deal that the third sister lives a few feet away. I’m really excited for sweet corn though! I had an ear from the store the other day, because I was craving it, and it tasted like green dish soap. Yuck! I’m starting to worry that our food corn might be cross-poll eating with our feed corn out there in the fields, and I am so afraid of eating something that might be GMO and could turn into a super pesticide that just chills out in my body zapping good bacteria. (Seriously- some of the corn that’s GMO out there kills insects by morphing into an exploding pesticide once it hits their stomach. Um, gross much?) Anyway, soapbox aside, homegrown corn just tastes better! Can’t wait to nom those ears 😉


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