Squash Trellises

Squash Ladders by Veronica in LA
Squash Ladders, a photo by Veronica in LA on Flickr.

As mentioned before, these are the trellises I’m testing this year for summer squash and zucchini. Just a few simple sturdy bamboo poles sunk about 8-10″ deep, then wired together at the top with a horizontal support pole. I spaced and wired horizontal ladder “steps” every 6-8″ up, and will add more as they grow and I wind the plants through. Vertical growth = more plants in a smaller space, less chance of mildew and disease, easier harvesting, and potentially better pollination! (Please note that I’m doing this with smaller summer squash. I’ve seen it done with winter varieties and larger gourds and melons, you just have to make those fruits little hammocks or slings as they grow so that they don’t snap off the vine before they’re totally ripe.)


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