Lettuce Planters

Lettuce Planters by Veronica in LA
Lettuce Planters, a photo by Veronica in LA on Flickr.

Even though I grow a lot of lettuce and herbs in the raised beds at my house, I often have to remind myself while blogging that not everyone has the gardening space that I (am lucky enough to) have. But just because you don’t have a yard doesn’t mean you can’t grow food!

These three pots of organic herbs and lettuce live across town at my boyfriend’s house. The lettuce and herbs in them rotate throughout the year depending on the season (and what we feel like eating) but they’re easy to keep fresh and beautiful because they’re self contained, and even easier to remember to use since they’re within arm’s reach of the kitchen.

When creating a food-centered focal point for your patio, try to pick herbs, greens, or container-friendly veggies that compliment each other in texture and height, with the tallest planting in the center of the pot and lower-growing crops spaced around it. Make sure to leave a little space for your crops to grow out! And finally, choose crops that you will use (and enjoy!) regularly. (You can buy seeds for a few dollars a packet, or 6 packs of organic seasonal plants at your local nursery for around what a bag of pre-cut greens would cost at the grocery store… except your home-grown salad will have way more nutrients and provide a few more weeks worth of food.)

When it comes to containers, I like to try a few large vessels in a similar color or pattern (rather than buying a dozen tiny pots or a large wooden box.) I found the pots pictured for $14.99 each at my local nursery 6 months ago. They add that much needed pop of color outside, and are guaranteed to last for years. Happy Patio Gardening!


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