Growth Check-In

IMG_20110625_081453 by Veronica in LA
IMG_20110625_081453, a photo by Veronica in LA on Flickr.

Something I’d recommend all new gardeners do, and something I really started doing more this year (thanks in part to my trusty new smart phone!): take lots and lots of pictures of your garden’s progress throughout the growing season. Why? Well, as we barrel into July, it’s easy to say “oh everything is just getting bigger” and not realize the magnitude at which your garden is growing, nay, exploding this month! Between watering and weeding and grumbling at insects that aren’t so beneficial, it’s easy to get caught up in that summer womp-womp of your garden that’s not quite producing edibles yet. But when you begin to compare pictures from two months, two weeks, and even two days ago, you see the progress, where you started, where you’re at, and you’ll remember why you’re doing this. Try it! You might be amazed too. 🙂


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