Tiny Mexican Gherkins

Tiny Mexican Gherkins
It’s hard to believe I’ve yet to blog about my favorite new vegetable I’m growing this summer! Mexican Gherkins, or “mouse melons” as you may have noticed in the harvest picture below, are a recently rediscovered heirloom cucumber that have gained some traction in the last few years (and a real treat to have growing in your garden.) Not only are they disease resistant, pest resistant, and drought tolerant, but extremely prolific and tasty too! Not much larger than a grape at full size, they almost taste pickled right off the vine. I tend to eat them straight out of the garden, or toss them whole into my salads for lunch. They’re growing so quickly I may even end up pickling a few!

And I’m not the only one who has recently fallen in love: Bon Appétit columnist Andrew Knowlton, one of my favorite Iron Chef judges, totally agrees with me on this one.

(Note: I am fairly allergic to most melons, but despite these looking like baby watermelons, I haven’t had an issue at all. Just FYI for those with hit-and-miss food allergies like me!)


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