Tomato Time!

The most anticipated part of the season is finally here! 😀
Solid First Tomato Harvest, End of July (with Summer Romaine and Arugula)

I shared the first ripe Cherokee Purple with my roommate:
Cherokee Purple (Yes that's one tomato!)

Made a burger garnish tray for a BBQ out of the earliest Neves Azorean Reds:
How I Roll Into a BBQ

And even threw some Yellow Pear Tomatoes into our “over the fence CSA” exchange:
Over the fence produce delivery ;)

I certainly believe that sharing the early harvest helps to bring good karma to the garden (and neighborhood!) And we’ll need all of the luck we can get with August and September heat finally closing in on us, and these late season beauties (below) pushing closer to ripening. Fingers crossed!

Zapotec Ribbed


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