Laying Low

I always become such a bad BAD blogger towards the end of peak gardening season. Just sort of fall of the face of the earth! One week becomes three, and three weeks becomes three months, and then it’s Christmas and you get that overwhelming sense of OMGWTFBBQ I haven’t posted anything in how long???… (And if you’re curious as to why I do it, just take a gander at the current state of affairs out back that I’ve posted above… Yeah….)

SO. If you miss the garden happenings and doo-dads and what-nots, I just wanted to let you know, you can now follow my Facebook feed on over this way: (I publicly post a lot of random pictures and gardening adventures and foodstuffs that I make, so until I get back to blogging on here, head over there and subscribe!)

Oh, ALSO. If you’re a Pinterest fan, you can find me there as well @Veronicainla pinning lots of strange and wonderful cooking and gardening ideas. AND!!! I have tons of pictures I’m uploading to Flickr soon from gardens I’ve visited in the last few months, so… HANG TIGHT!


About Veronica Flores

Going big or going home.
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